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Choosing which type of material you want for your Denver Retaining Wall is a major decision, with many different factors to consider including; Design Flexibility, Durability, Maintenance, Weather Resistance and of course cost.

Colorado Retaining Wall's has extensive experience working with all different types of Retaining Walls in Colorado including concrete, pavestones, interlocking stones, natural stone and timber.

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Custom Concrete Walls
Concrete Retaining Walls in Denver can serve many purposes and offer many advantages to other materials. 

Concrete blocks are produced in a wide variety of block designs, surfaces, sizes, textures and shapes.  This gives you a lot of flexibility with your Colorado Retaining Wall.

In addition to design flexibility, the concrete blocks provide great durability and strength values.

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Paver Stone or Pavestone Retaining Walls in Colorado is another option that we offer to our customers for Retaining Wall Installation.

The strength and durability of Pavestone is the primary attraction to this material choice for Retaining Walls.  Paver stones are plenty durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions that us Coloradans face over the winter months.

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Interlocking Retaining Walls is another flexible options that Colorado Retaining Wall's offers to our customers.

Interlocking Pavers are very popular for several reasons, one of which is the initial installation is quite often less of a financial investment.  They also rarely crack, so the maintenance cost moving forward is usually minimal as well.

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Natural Stone Retaining Walls are some of the most beautiful retaining walls out there, and Colorado Retaining Walls can install one of these for you.

A Natural Stone Retaining Wall in Denver consists of stone of random sizes and shapes fitted tightly together. 

The initial investment in both supplies and labor can be higher for a Natural Stone Wall, but the end product is truly breathtaking.

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Though a recently fading fad, Timber Retaining Walls are still a viable option for Colorado Retaining Wall's to install for you.

The rustic, natural look is what makes Timber Retaining Walls appealing.  They are easy to install, and are very affordable as well.

The longevity of a Timber Retaining Wall, and the constant attention necessary to keep it safe moving forward is what often times sends consumers towards masonry blocks.

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