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Colorado Retaining Wall - research and design on Geo-textile!

Geosynthetically reinforced retaining walls have recently seen a huge increase in their popularity. The primary reinforcement element in said structures is  geogrid. 

A Geo-Textile Retaining Wall can serve as either a temporary solution, and has recently began being accepted as a permanent fixture. A lot of commercial, large scale projects are utilizing Geo-Textile Retaining Walls due to the ability to go more vertically then you could with other types of Retaining Wall Materials.

A residential wall that was going to be permanent would most likely want to mix in another type of material for visual purposes. There are several positives associated with utilizing a Geo-Textile Retaining Wall in Colorado.  For one, they are extremely strong, and willing to withstand any type of severe weather that Colorado could throw at you.

They are also fairly cost effective, as the labor involved is quite a bit less than that of other Retaining Wall Materials.
With that being said, esthetically they are not as appealing as the other types of materials available.

There are several types of Retaining Walls, some in conjunction with Geotextile will work better than others:
1 Gravity
2 Cantilevered
3 Sheet piling
4 Anchored

Contact Colorado Retaining wall for free estimates and let us answer any retaining wall  questions you may have. We have been serving Colorado for outdoor living and Retainingwalls of all types for many years. We are located in Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch (Lone Tree area). We love to work in Douglas County but venture outside of it for Retaining Wall jobs each month.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Because of the large postitive charge, or slopping grade, Geotextile was used in the teared Retainging Wall below, Castle Rock Colorado - 2008.
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