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Colorado Retaining Walls, timber and wood options-
Timber Retaining Walls are very beautiful in their own right and are easy to manipulate around tight corners.
However, there are some issues that come into play with a Lumber Retaining Wall that do not come into play with the other available materials. 
For one, the longevity of a Timber Wall is considerably less than a wall made with a more permanent material.  There are techniques however to help avoid this issue...
Let us know whatever we need to do to earn your business. We provide retaining wall estimates for Douglas County that show all materials and labor itemized. Our customers get to see the brake down of how a wall is built because we want them to know everything that goes into their project! From earth removal and excavation and haul away of grass and debris to the LF or rebar and LBS of concrete needed, we list it all out for you (a take off list).

Retaining walls serve a few purposes: to hold back the land, to allow water to escape through negative drainage (away from your homes foundation or other landscaping) and for esthetic purposes. With all these responsibilities it is important to use the right materials, and to put them together the right way!
If usable square footage in your yard is limited due to slopes, a great way to maximize your space is by creating practical areas by letting us build a retaining wall or two. ColoradoRetainingWall.com can help your yard reach its maximum potential.  To begin researching what type of Retaining Wall will work best for your outdoor living space, click here

Selecting the right Colorado Retaining Wall Installation Contractor or builder is equally as important as using the correct materials.  You need a company with a proven track record, a strong list of references, and with the imagination necessary to help you create your very own amazing outdoor space.  Remember that every Retaining Wall is different, and that all we focus on here at ColoradoRetainingWall.com is building Retaining Walls and similar types of outdoor areas for a great Colorado landscape. 

Though it has recently been fading in popularity, a Timber Retaining Wall still complements many homes in Colorado, especially for those with a rustic appearance (such as stone and/or stained wood).
Another selling point for Timber Retaining Walls is that they are very  easily manipulated, meaning that unique angles and steps are accomplished with ease when compared to other materials that you could choose, such as Natural Stone, Pavestone and concrete. The fact that installation cost for a Timber Retaining Wall is usually very affordable when compared to other materials makes Timber a very viable option for a Retaining Wall in Denver.

Contact Colorado Retaining wall for free estimates on Timber and lumber type wall systems. We have been serving Colorado for outdoor living and Retainingwalls of all types for many years. We are located in Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch (Lone Tree area). We love to work in Douglas County but venture outside of it for Retaining Wall jobs each month.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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