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Colorado Retaining Wall is the website, Brunetti Designs LLC is the company!
We can repair retaining walls or build new ones that are masters of art! From standard walls that are meant to serve a purpose only, to walls that are beautiful and flow with the land, we'll provide you with free estimates for it all. Have a wall leaning or looking like its going to give way and you live in Highlands Ranch, Littleton or Parker Colorado? We would be honored to take a look at it for you!

Let us know whatever we need to do to earn your business. We provide retaining wall estimates for Douglas County that show all materials and labor itemized. Our customers get to see the brake down of how a wall is built because we want them to know everything that goes into their project! From earth removal and excavation and haul away of grass and debris to the LF or rebar and LBS of concrete needed, we list it all out for you (a take off list).

Retaining walls serve a few purposes: to hold back the land, to allow water to escape through negative drainage (away from your homes foundation or other landscaping) and for esthetic purposes. With all these responsibilities it is important to use the right materials, and to put them together the right way!
If usable square footage in your yard is limited due to slopes, a great way to maximize your space is by creating practical areas by letting us build a retaining wall or two. can help your yard reach its maximum potential.  To begin researching what type of Retaining Wall will work best for your outdoor living space, click here

Colorado Retaining Wall can prepare you with a Retaining Wall estimate (for work in Colorado) in an excel or pdf format. Any estimate we provide to a potential customer is good for 14 days unless otherwise stated. We automatically include details of all work to be done in an easy to follow format.

Regardless of why a Retaining Wall fails, they need to be fixed.  They are ugly to look at, and create instability in the soil that surrounds your home.  Unfortunately, a lot of times when a Retaining Wall fails, the only way to fix it is to rip it out and put it back up again.
Retaining walls can fail for several reasons.  The most common of which is poor drainage.  Water gets absorbed into the soil behind the Retaining Wall, and if it doesnt have a place to escape it increases the amount of pressure on the wall, eventually causing it to collapse.  Poor reinforcements at the time of installation can also cause a Retaining Wall to fail, as when the reinforcements fall, so does the Retaining Wall.  There are many other issues that come about from poor initial Retaining Wall Installation.

If your Retaining wall in Colorado is failling and you would like to receive a free Retaining Wall Repair estimate, send us a little bit of information by clicking here or by giving us a call at (720) 556-2051 , and we will work with you to get you an estimate, or let you know if a repair is even an option.
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