2-2018 - Wall helping hold a house up!

We don't post all of our projects on here, every now and then we will update this section. A large structural wall was recently completed in Roxbourough.

7-2016 - Standard pavers, keystone

A residential project consisting of two seperate keystone walls. Keystones in this project allowed for weeping, for  a great water drainage design!

6-2016 - Repairing buldges

We removed damaged parts of a 200 foot wall, repairing areas that had pushed out, and saved the wall from further damage, and the area's surrounding the wall.

8-2015 - Large walls completed

Large support walls, for another contractor, we had sub work to install and maintain large vaneer stone faced walls. Built with rebar and concrete behind. 

6-06-2014, Concrete tears with waterfall drainage!

Stunning concepts and amazing architecture and design went into these walls - Denver, CO.

4-05-2014, Great Natural Design, Rock Walls, Highlands Ranch

Beautiful Silo-Stone retaining walls with garden terrace, two separate stairways (total natural design) and a rock path / walkway on the upper and back half of the wall - Highlands Ranch, CO.

2-15-2014, Lone Tree Parks & Recreation

Mediation and Maintenance, 11 retaining walls and water drainage systems through out the area.

1-12-2014, Retaining Walls, Parker

Two twin tiered retaining walls where
contracted out to Brunetti Designs, LLC and completed on the 12th of January. These walls used Keystone brand 16" blocks with matching caps.

11-27-2013, Vail proposes changes to building code

VAIL, Colorado — The town of Vail is expected to adopt new building codes at its next town council meeting Oct. 16.
>Read more here

11-19-2013, Wiese Road, wall repairs
Sun News ... and replace portions of the Wiese Road retaining wall is on pace to be completed by the end of November

Drivers who use County Road 77, also known as Sinclair Avenue in Steubenville, could be facing some big delays in the near future. The retaining wall along the side of the road is starting to fall, and that has officials concerned. >More here

7-7-2012, Brunetti Designs, Awarded
Finished a 13th certification in design and building. Universal Design. This allows us to build for all types of people in different stages of life, such as Handicap or the elderly, reports "Brunetti Designs" on Saturday.